Lucia's Garden | Gift Shop

Lucia's a Houston tradition for over 25 years, offers Healing Books, Music, Aromatherapy,
Dried Herbs, Jewelry, Incense, Classes, Healers all for the inner journey.

Percussion Center | Donna Fisher

The Percussion Center, is the only music store in the greater Houston area that specializes in drums and percussion. We have a retail store, school of music, and manufacturing division for custom drums.

Spectrum Resource Center

Spectrum Center proudly continues to provide professional holistic choices for family and individual care, and a variety of educational opportunities in the form of weekend workshops and daytime and evening classes.

What's Happening in the Network!

Experience The Path of Tea

The "ONLY" Totally organic tea shop in Houston offers 148 blends of tea. Experience The Path of Tea in this video. You are sure to want to visit.

Find more videos like this on United Resources Network

Charitable Contributions For Our Community Partners

Path of Tea Pagoda Hut

Happy Birthday to The Path of Tea

A Joy-Filled Celebration on Sunday, July 17th
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Charitable Contributions For Our Community Partners

Thank you for your generous donation.  Remember that 100% of the proceeds for this celebration will go to our selected community organizations.  We look forward to hosting you on Sunday, July 17th at 6:00 pm at The Path of Tea located at 2340 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX  77077.

Local Organizations focusing on BALANCE: The Mind, The Body & The Spirit.

Dr. Joe Lindley D.C. | Higher Health

Flower on WebsiteDr. Joe Lindley and the staff at Higher Health represent the true integration of ancient wisdom and modern medicine, maximizing the body’s innate potential to heal and rejuvenate.

Optimizing health with natural, integrative medicine for both preventative and wellness care in a tranquil, therapeutic environment with our compassionate staff.

Donna Fisher


I love implementing innovative ideas to grow businesses and create new, fun, profitable businesses.

Through my speaking business, I am hired as a speaker/trainer for corporate meetings, conferences and conventions teaching people how to network, connect and

Prepaid Legal and Identity Theft | Credit Protection Services

Protect Your Credit, Your Identity and ultimately your life!

Christine Young - Associate of Prepaid Legal and Credit Financial Services |

Pre-paid Legal Services and Identity Theft Shield Credit Protection has been serving North America's Families since 1972. Visit our robust site and learn more by watching our video.


Hiscock Integrative Shiatsu | Guy Hiscock

Hiscock Integrative Shiatsu Header

Counseling: Norm S. Davis

Green Apple Logo

Personal & Organizational Counseling | Norm S. Davis
(1) Re-Assessing Your Own Life;
(2) Embracing Adversity;
(3) Problem-Solving;
(4) Creating & Strengthening Intimate Relationships;
(5) Engaging More Openly in the World Around You; (6) Finding Your Humor & Other Survival Skills.

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